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help with my cadillac stereo!


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i got my 95 etc a few months ago and was told the stereo only needed the "code" from the dealer to unlock and use it, i called the dealership and they said what i was seeing wasn't a security lockout and that the code wouldn't work. also im getting an amazing deal on the car and dont want to bother the former owner with such a small detail.

what happens is that when the stereo is in the off position, the time shows and stays on, but when i turn the stereo on, it stays on for a couple seconds but the turns right off. i can put cds in, but it wont stay on to play them... the buttons work while the stereo is on, but again it turns off after a couple seconds....

i have a 45 minute commute to work and am tired of the wind as background noise. i have an after market cd player but id like to use the stock system to keep the classic caddy look, any help or suggestions would be killer!

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Sorry to say this, but I think your dealer is right.

If it "JUST NEEDED THE CODE"...it would say "THEFTLOCK ACTIVATED" on the screen.

At that point, you would need the code from the dealer.

Is that happening because there is a fault with the head unit or radio module, or it because the car doesn't actually have Bose Gold but someone put that head unit in it?

My cassette player is very slow, so I was going to put my MiniDisc head unit in that I had used in my other cars. When I got the head unit out of the dash, I found that it didn't have an antenna connection and the wires were really small. To me, that suggests outboard components that I thought only went with Bose, but there are no Bose badges in my car. I've seen the Bose Gold head units with cassette and CD on eBay and they have the same plugs my radio does. If there's some sort of non-Bose Gold lockout to keep them from working, I don't want to buy one. Has anyone successfully put a factory CD head unit in a car that didn't come with it? I suppose this applies to 92-95 Seville and Eldorado with Double-DIN head units.

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its the original stereo that came with the car, and it is the bose gold series

i tried changing fuses this morning for the hell of it but no luck

ive taken the entie unit out hoping to find a loose wire or something like that, but nothing

again, the digital display on the head unit stays on until i use the volume nob to turn it on, then it stays on for like 2 seconds then goes off.

when in the "on" position and i hit the "scan" "seek" or other buttons, it will come back on but go off like it has, if i hold one of those buttons down it will stay on but again when i let go it goes off again!

i am to the point of not caring about the classic look and putting in my aftermarket unit, but its like $75 for the dash kit and proper wire harness, and id be fairly pissed if i put it in and the same thing happened

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