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'98 Deville STS car alarm (stupid) question


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I've got a stupid (I think) question but I feel the need to reach out to you experts for the answer. I set the stock alarm to my '98 Deville STS with the key fob the other night. I woke up the next morning to unlock the car with the fob and the fob didn't work. It wouldn't even work to open the trunk or the gas cap cover. I assumed it was a dead fob battery but I changed it and got the same result. Here's my stupid question. If I attempt to unlock the car with the key instead of the fob, will the alarm go off? Everytime I've sett he alarm and locked the car with the fob, I've unlocked the car and disabled the alarm with the fob. I seem to remember being told that If you set the alarm and lock the car with the fob but try and unlock the car with the key, the alarm will go off. Am I wrong? The reason I ask is because, with my fob not working, if the alarm goes off I will have no way of turning off the alarm.

Which brings me to my next question. If the alarm goes off and the fob's not working, how do I turn off the alarm before my neighbors get too upset?

Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

By the way, I don't think it matters but the night it was parked and locked with the fob, I left the passenger rear window about 1/2 way down and the alarm went off (I think someone reached in and tried to unlock the door causing the alarm to sound). I went out with my fob (the last time it was working) and turned the alarm off and locked the car again. Not sure it matters but that's essentially when the trouble started. Thanks!!!!!

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Mine is a little newer than yours...so it may or not work the same way, but...

I just went to the garage and checked mine.

I locked it with the FOB and then unlocked it with the key.


If it does set off the alarm, you should be able to turn off the alarm be putting the key in and starting the car.

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You won't set the alarm off if you use the key to unlock the door. If you have the windows down and the alarm is set AND you reach in and unlock the door manually to open it, the alarm WILL go off.

Your key FOB probably has dirty connections on the buttons and circuit board. Disassemble it and clean it with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. Also check to make cure one of the electronic components on the curcuit board have not become loose from the board.

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