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1998 Sts sunroof won't open

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Hello all....Hope everyone is doing well!

Ok....so today...it was so nice outside....I decided to crank open my sunroof.......and it won't open!

I can get it to open the one way....and what I mean by this is the back part of the sunroof opens towards the sky.....

But if I go to open it from the front to back....the passenger side of the sunroof at the back tilts down.....and it seems stuck....nothing on the drivers side rear is happening.......

Hope I am explaining this right! Talk soon and thank you in advance.


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I had this same problem with my '99 sls and what you don't want to do is keep trying to open it. Mine stuck and I kept holding the button down to open it and I wound up breaking the plastic in the tracks and now all it does is tilt up and I have to manually push it down to close it.

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is there anyway to fix the sunroof after it breaks like that mine did the same thing only allows you to tilt it but you have to push it back down... What are the possible solutions and can you buy parts or a new system.. And how much would each be or what is the cheapest and best way to fix it....?

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Good evening!!!!!

ITS ALL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't take any photos...I just read this message or I would have!!!!..but I did keep the glass from my old roof....as they told me that they are worth a fortune.....

Its runs so quite compared to the old one.....almost silent!!!!

IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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