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Heater core good but now ???

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Alright so I managed to get the Heater core in and now theres no leaks, but now some of my interior lights dont work (ie. Cabin lights, Visor lights, door lights). All of the cluster and little lights on the window controls work though. Also my power mirrors, seats and seat memory buttons dont work on the drivers side only. All worked fine before i changed the heater core. Does this sound like a fuse or a bad or disconnected wire? I didnt even get close to the drivers side controls when i did the heater core. I looked for any disconnected clips but found none any ideas helpful.

Thanks, Fred

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Alright I got it all fixed. When the lights went out the first thing I did was start at the fuse for the interior lights and it was good. So this morning i looked under the dash again and everything looked good. I continued to check every fuse and the mirror 10A was blown. I put a new one in and now everythimg works so i guess the lights, power seat and mirrors are wired in to the mirror fuse as well as the interior lights fuse :rolleyes: . Im just glad it was that simple i shoud have checked them all in the first place but at least now its all fixed.



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