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AC and Heat at the Same Time?


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I have a 95 Deville with the 4.9. I'm having a problem with my heater. It will not blow out of the vents. Also when I turn on the defrosters, it only comes out hot in the middle and cold on the sides. I also notice that my AC is kicking on at the same time. Are there any tricks that I should be aware of that could help remedy the situation? Also, my driver's side seat heater stopped working. The light is still on when I move the switch but the heater doesn't work. Are there any tricks I can do to fix this? PA winters suck... :D

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The air conditioning compressor running when the defroster is selected is normal - it is to dehumidified air removes fog much faster from the windshield. As far as the air only coming out of the defroster outlet when the heat is selected points to a vacuum leak under the dash. Pull the lower hush panels and start tracing the vacuum lines from the blend doors to the climate control panel and you will probably find a cracked or disconnected hose.

It sounds like the seat heater had a failed heating element. Not an easy fix - You need to change the seat cushion I think unless a service element is available.

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