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The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant

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HBO has a documentary running currently named The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant.


About the final days of the GM Truck plant in Moraine, Ohio. Obviously very emotional and touching, but also gives good insight into how dedicated and hard-working the autoworkers are.

I was glad I watched. I think it is good for everyone to understand that GM vehicles are engineered and produced by regular people who are trying to make a high quality product, and often succeed.

On Dec. 23, 2008, two days before Christmas, the General Motors assembly plant in Moraine, Ohio shut its doors. As a result, 2,500 workers and 200 management staff were left without jobs, while the closing is also sure to trigger the loss of thousands of related jobs and businesses. But the GM workers lost much more than jobs, including the pride they share in their work and the camaraderie built through the years. To the natives of Moraine and the greater Dayton area, General Motors wasn't just a car company - it was the lifeblood of the community.

THE LAST TRUCK views the final months of the plant through the workers' eyes as they reflect on their work and consider their next steps. In revealing interviews with people who considered themselves more family than co-workers, the film reveals the emotional toll of losing not just a job, but a sense of self.

The employees share poignant moments, such as the day every worker must remove his or her toolbox and give up their GM ID card. THE LAST TRUCK closes with footage of the actual "last truck" to be produced at Moraine Assembly.


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We can thank the scam "Free Trade" and incompetent destructive U.S. trade policy of the last 35 years.

Our own government has been selling us out and we let them do it!

Yes, Bill Clinton did a terrible diservice to this country when he signed that bill. BUT if you think that was bad, just wait until the current administration passes the "Cap and Tax" Carbon scam. That will be not only the end of this country's industrial base, but individual wealth as well. I don't know about you, but I can't afford $6.00/gal. gasoline, or $3000.00/yr. in electricity cost. This is what it will cost for my HOME, the cost for my business, which already pays over $6000.00/month for electricity, will be astronomical!!!

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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I have worked in manufacturing my entire working life - almost 40 years. I have watched the inexorable process of the de-industrialization of the USA from the 1976 - 1977 time period. American industry after industry has been subjected to an onslaught of foreign goods in unfair trade policy - put out of business by their own government.

The Reagan years firmly established deindustrialization as USG policy. The Clinton years accelerated the process and the Bush years sold out much of what we had left.

I travel across the country in my current job and the USA from New England all across the northeast and midwest has become a massive zone of economic devastation -city and town after city and town. It's frightening, really and sad.

The time has come for the American people to take to the streets as we have done in the past and force change in trade policy from the swindle of "Free Trade".

How on God's green earth a communist country with a centrally planned economy be allowed to join a trade organiztion of the industrialized democracies makes no sense whatsoever...except that it provides the multi-natioanls with access to a vast pool of coolie labor. And unless things change soon we will all be living like coolies in 25 years. I have been involved in plant closings like the one in Moraine. My heart goes out to those folks. Sure GM management has been incompetent, but the fundamental cause of that plant's closing has been the destructive trade policy of the United States Government for the past 35 years. Cap and trade is just one more step in the process.

I didn't vote for BO, I'm not surprised at anything he does and we get the kind of government we deserve.

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Heck, they're closing down the Lordstown, OH GM assembly plant too although they're talking about maybe just laying some people off. Lordstown is where all the Pontiac G5's and Chevy Cobalts are built. There's a huge ad on the front of the building for the new Chevy Volt.

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