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2001 Deville Blower Motor


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Well my blower started acting up, on and then off, irregular speeds etc. After many days of research and problem solving I found the cause.

For many others I've read the worries about what might cause it and whats the cheapest solution, is the fan relay broken, fuses, etc.

So I leaped in and removed the blower assembly behind the glove box, total pain, removing the two back bolts which are a little close to the firewall was hard and not to mention just getting the assembly out from the canister. So I proceeded to test the motor to no avail by hotwiring it, I then broke open the motor itself to find the positive and negative brushes had worn down and one was completly worn off next to the central column or commutator of the DC motor. So that was the problem, so a new motor and fan assembly for $68 bucks + tax and shipping. Just have to get the sucker back in!

Good luck to you.


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