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Been searching the forums to no avail and hoping someone can help me. Was wondering the following about the OEM DVD based nav system...

1) has anyone dealt w/ the dvd-map disc getting stuck and won't eject from the system? I can hear it attempting to eject but won't, but it also won't settle all the way in to operate the Nav. It either says it's not loaded or "initializing" but then it never does. Was there a DIY fix or was this definitely a shop fix? If shop fix, how much did it run?

2) Is there a way to download the information from the map dvd into the system? It's never made sense to me why the DVD had to be in there for the Nav system to work. I know some others w/ navs that don't have to have the disc in there b/c it stores the information.


Blue Chip CTS - 3.6l, 20% tints, 20" Venti V56 rims
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Did you ever figure out the issue? I have a 2005 SRX that takes the dvd and doesn't recognize that it has the dvd. It still says I need to load a map dvd. I would like to know how big of an issue this is to fix.

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