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88 Deville Power Window Repair


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88 Deville. Yeah, still runs strong.

While raising the driver's side window there was a loud pop. Now the window will go down but not up.

To investigate, I need to remove the door panel trim, but there are no obvious screws to remove the armrest. Does anyone know the procedure fro removing the panel and where the hidden screws are located? Will I need any specialized tools?

If you have ideas on what broke that would cause this condition, I would appreciate knowing.



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There should be screws under the door pull handle if it is the spring loaded type. Also a screw near the door open handle. Christmas tree clip fasteners secure the lower half of the panel to the door. Go to the auto parts store and buy a door trim removal tool - they are about $10 and will allow you to pop the clips loose without damaging the door panel.

It is hard to say what broke inside the regulator - after 20+ years, things break.

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You need to go to your local big box parts store and look in the "HELP"

or tool section for a door panel removal tool to pop out those "christmas

tree" looking fasteners that hold the door panel to the door frame.


Less than $10 bucks!

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There are 2 screws at the door pull, one star head screw at the door opening handle. Remove the lens off the 2 lights using a VERY small screwdriver to get to the clips holding the lights in, remove the light fixture and there is a screw behind each one. Pry up at the rear of the window/door control panel and you will find 2 or 3 more screws.

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