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Hi, i just baught a 94 deville concours, it was a wright off due to vandalism. The windows are smashed, paint was key'd, and tires slashed. But i cant get it to start, it makes a sound like the starter is shot, i spoke to someone from cadillac,they said chances are there is a security problem(the security light is flashing), maybe that my key needs to be re-programed. As the car doesnt start it will cost a arm and a leg to have it towed in and back home. Does anybody know any easy way of checkin this from home, any codes or something?

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The security light will flash with the ignition off and the driver's door open - that is normal. If it is flashing while you are attempting to start the car, then there should be a trouble code stored that may provide a clue to the problem.

Simultaneously press and hold the OFF and WARMER buttons on the climate control panel and write down any codes that are displayed. Post them back here.

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