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plug carbon tracking


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chasing minor erratic engine miss. i put in autolite single tip platinum plugs 10k miles ago when i did the headgaskets. had a slight miss ever since. i changed them out this weekend to delco 41-950 plugs and noticed 3 of the plugs on the rear bank had carbon tracking. idle seems much improved now. wires are delco but 5yrs old? i have read that problem may return soon without also changing wires. i will monitor situation.


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The AC Delco ignition wire boots are impregnated with dielectric grease, if you use additional grease you can cause carbon tracking, do you recall if you used dielectric grease?

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no i have never added/used any type of grease. seems to me i noticed the miss almost immediately after doing the heads. perhaps it was not bad at first and than slowly got worse.

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