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Driveability problem

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Dear Readers:

I have a 1991 cadillac seville 4.9 with 162.000 on it.

Car started and ran well up to a few weeks ago.

car will start & idle fine, then just die.

car will restart again and die again.

If you force the car to run and drive it. It will stay running until you let off the gas.

the car will buck when you accelrate, then die when you let up.

NOW the check engine light never comes on until the car is dead.

The code read out is as follows.

E012 history

E041 current

B120 H

B122 C

R025 H

RO26 C

RO61 H


Now I havent a clue as to what any of this means. Except the E041. Which this car doe's not have. The chilton book does not mention any of the other codes.

I was always led to believe that when a electronic sensor or fuel pump dies!

It's dead!!! they don't work half way or a little.

If anyone has a suggestion as to where to start with this thing, or had a simular experience. Plaese share it with me.

thanks for your time.



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According to my 1991 manual, the E041 is NO CAM SENSOR SIGNAL, that would definately cause the fits you are having;

B120 and B122 are related to Twilight Delay and Panel Dimming

I do not see the R026 code listed anywhere. Mike

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