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I Would like to install a sub and amp in my 98 STS

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I Have a 98 sts, and was wondering if its Possible to just put in the sub and amp with the stock head unit, If so what would be the procedure to do this?

Are you thinking of adding a sub box? Ive thought about this before and decided if I needed more base from the factory Bose system that I would replace the 10" in the factory location with a more efficient aftermarket sub. From there, you can get a Bose to aftermarket adapter to tie into the Bose signal and get premaps out. Getting the power to the amp should be easy as the battery is under the rear seat and It would not be hard to run the power cable into the rear deck. I know some people don't like Crutchfield, but they would be a good place to start for components.

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from what i understand you run into a myriad of problems by not keeping the factory head unit in the car in some respect at least. from what i gather if putting a aftermarket deck int he car you should relocate the factory HU to the trunk, keep the power, hooked to it just not the speakers, and also include a aftermarket unit in the dash.

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You can use a device called a " floating ground " to line level converter. Virtually any car audio supplier can provide you with one for cheap. The good ones have level controls to fine tune the output so you don't overdrive your amp.The floating ground thing is REALLY important , if you use a common ground adapter, and connect the negative speaker wires in a stock head together, you will make smoke. Hope this helps.

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