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What's the best way to hook an iPod to a 2005 STS w/ nav

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I was wondering what the best way to hook up an iPod to a 2005 STS with navigation would be. It has RCA inputs in the center console, but do they cut out sound as well as video when you shift the car into drive? I've read in many places that it cuts video, but no one has mentioned audio. Or would it be possible to somehow place a 3.5mm stereo input next to the RCA inputs and have the connection take over my unused XM band?

Any help is much appreciated.

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if you have the factory amp in your trunk, the good news is that there is and auxiliary input, typically brn/wht (left in ), dk grn/wht ( right in ) , blk/white ( common ground ) wrapped in a shield intended for XM/ CD changer/ digital radio. That are all the same set of wires. The bad news is that each of these devices has data lines to tell the head unit when you have them so that the option appears on the source display of the head. I have not figured out a way to add a data signal for an aftermarket device. Currently, I have an XM unit in my car, but I do not subscribe. I snipped the audio wires going to it ( ONLY the audio ) but left it plugged in, and connected a 1/8" jack to it. When I want to use my iPod, I select XM as my source and turn on my music. My vehicle is an 05 Bonneville GXP with Monsoon but yours should be similar due to your year and GMs excellent habit of maintaining continuity with wiring colors. Hope this helps. You could also buy an inexpensive 1/8" male to stereo rca adapter and simply see what happens if you hook up that way and put your car in gear. An accurate schematic might even provide you with the correct switch to bypass to keep the audio live when you are in gear, but that would have to be your personal descision since there may be a legal reason GM had to do this. Hope this helps

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