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I pulled my 99 Eldo out of storage this morning and the drivers side window does not go down. Before I put the car in storage the window was intermittent so I replaced the drivers side switch and it seemed fine but I only used it for a few weeks before it went into storage. Now it's back to the same old stuff. Last 2 times I tried to diagnose it with a meter I couldn't get it to fail. I will work for a week and then nothing for a few days and then fine again. For a while I thought it was only on very hot days and considered it may be a thermal cut out on the motor getting marginal but it's not that hot today. I'll try to diagnoise it again but with all of the knowledge on this board I thought I would ask if anyone else has had this issue.

BTW - Dispite all my other Caddies, there is just something special about getting out the Eldorado.

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MY 99 ETC does the same thing it is the motor as it seems allot worse on hot days I don't think there is a thermal cut out on the motor if slamming door a couple times makes it move a little or it works again it is motor I thought mine was the switch as mine was intermittent I replaced it worked a little while but it was just a coincidence

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I am absolutely not a specialist on this but I had the same problem with the drivers door on my

94 STS. I took the the window motor apart and found that there is a small little electronic device

in series with the 2 wires into the motor. This small device works so that when the window goes

all the way down for instance it needs current in the opposite direction to allow enough current to drive the window up again. I replaced this little electronic thing with one from a junked Volvo

window motor and put that in series with one of the wires in the Cad window and it has worked now

for more than a year. I hve a feeling that this little device is responsible for a lot of nonfunctional windows. /Jan L

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