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I decided after fighting with my 00 Deville it was time for it to go today. Thank- you all for the help with it. I got a 2001 DHS with the night vision package for 9k with 80k miles on it all deal serviced one owner at Sam Swope here in Lousiville, KY I had looked at it for about two weeks and decided it was the right thing to do after considering the much needed work.




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IF you don't have service records for your new car check the coolant see how it looks if in doubt first thing you need to do with a northstar is flush coolant and refill and use bars coolant tabs because the original owner may not have done it yet and you don't want head gaskets to go I paid the price with my 99 Eldorado ETC as the engine is setting on the garage floor right now because the original owner of my car never did it and when i got it with 91000 miles on it it was to late damage was done. Thanks Your car looks great I am jealous

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Congrats on the new Cadillac. Finding one with Night Vision is terrific, and suggests that this was a well optioned example.


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