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sts dash protection


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i have had battery problems , plug on pos side leaked acid and made poor connection ,replaced battery now dash won`t lite up

no gauges just check engine lite until started,heater works but won`t lit up either.

i there a fuse or breaker other then in the fuse boxes under rear seat and under hood.

i hope i don`t have to replace dash

thanks for help


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Take all the cables off the battery, examine them for corrosion, clean everything up, reconnect, and tighten.


if you still have a problem post any codes you find from reading codes


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Sounds like computer is locked in la-mens terms, disconnect neg cable then pos turn on headlights manually after battery is unhooked for about 2 min to be safe this will drain any residue charge left in the system make sure cables are very clean reconnect but make sure everything is off headlights and doors shut before reconnecting battery

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