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92 Deville Both Front doors stuck Closed

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Hi purchased car that set up for 5 years because dealer told original owner the replacement fuel pump would be 1800 for pump sending unit and labor WOW.... I just installed pump car runs great need to do a brake job, because corrosion has cracked the brake portioning valve causing a total loss of fluid and no brakes at all.. Car has a new transmission installed by dealer 10,000 miles ago I have all paper work on the car only paid 300 for this car with 112000 miles on it... My problem is both front doors are stuck shut will not unlock the locks are frozen when trying to push up the lock manually on both front doors it only goes half way up and both front doors will not open... HELP how can i get to the locks with the doors shut is it possable to remove the door panels on the 92 deville with the doors closed.. All by the way the reason i purchased the car was because my 99 eldorado blew head gaskets both of them so I needed a car to drive while I pull engine on that car will be so much fun RIGHT... Thanks for any suggestions

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