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....I use PP...change it every 7000 km....
I have no idea what "PP" is.

My '98 oil filler cap and Owners Manual calls for 10W-30 dinosaur oil and that is what I have used for 183,xxx miles (294,xxx KM). Between oil changes and between April and October, I cheat a little and will add 10W-40 dinosaur oil as required.

My oil change interval is dictated by the OIL LIFE MONITOR as opposed to a fixed (arbitrary) mileage value. Average oil change mileage is 6,600 miles (10,600 KM).

Works for me.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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I would suggest Castrol 10w-30 regular oil I have seen engines with 300,000 plus miles broken down with Castrol ran all there life and engine inside looked brand new.. I do not recommend ever using a synthetic oil on engines that did not use it from the factory as it can cause oil seepage and with a north star if you don't already have oil leaks you will and you don't want it worse. Also with my experience I have tried synthetic oils on older higher millage engines and have noticed when warm, they run about 10 lbs lower oil pressure verses regular oil which is a bad thing.. So just stick with your regular oil for older cars unless factory fill was synthetic....

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