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Study finds Mini-cars much less safe than big cars

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[Detroit News]

Obvious, yet proven.

And, the death rate in one- to three-year-old minicars -- vehicles most automakers are building or considering bringing to market -- was almost twice as high as the rate in very large cars in multiple vehicle crashes, according to the report from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an industry-funded group that prods automakers to improve the safety of vehicles.

The IIHS crashed a 2009 model Toyota Yaris into a larger Toyota Camry; a Smart Fortwo into a Mercedes C-Class; and a Honda Fit into a Honda Accord. Each vehicle was traveling at 40 mph. All three small cars performed poorly, while the larger vehicles were rated good or acceptable.


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I read that.

Just one more reason to drive a big car.

I kinda like myself and Darling Wife and would prefer to keep us safe vs saving a buck every now and then at the gas pump.

The Laws of Physics ARE what they ARE and you can't get around them. :D:D:D

And as far as fuel mileage...on the recent trip back from S. Carolina...I got ALMOST the same mileage as my brother-in-laws mid size V6 Hyundai Sonata.

I know the little bitty car will get better mileage than my Cadillac DTS...but for all the other trade offs of driving one...no room...no comfort...no nice amenities....NO THANKS. :D:D

I will keep driving a Cadillac till they don't build them any more.

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Dont tell the tree hugging enviromentalists about this obvious conclusion, maybe we can cut into their numbers

These activists must be throttled


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