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New (to me) 2k Eldo questions

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Have been a member here since I picked up a 1990 Seville a couple years ago. Hopefully few recall the silly questions I had back then, and if you don't, then let me ask some NEW silly questions regarding the 2000 Eldorado I picked up yesterday! :D I did do a proper search, but I couldn't seem to find answers to a few things.

The Eldo is in pretty nice shape and there are only a couple minor items I've noticed thusfar;

- The gas gauge doesn't appear to work, or rather, work consistantly. At times it's pegged at full, other times it shows a level that appears correct. (tank was full at purchase and only driven 50 miles or so) Fortunately cadillac has that wonderful "fuel used" feature in the DIC that I can use for the time being. Could this be something other than a bad instrument cluster? (I don't relish having to replace it...)

- Instrument panels lights go off. Now I'm used to the electronic dash of the 90 seville, so when the instrument panel lights of the eldo went out I assume it's a problem? When the headlights are on via the twilight sentinal the panel lights will turn/remain off, however when the lights are on via the manual switch the panel lights are on. Is this a problem or a setting?

- I can't figure out how to pull codes. I've looked at, studied, printed, studied again the code pages here on caddyinfo, but can't find anything that works with the eldo. I can get into the feature setup, but can't find a way to get a code output via the dash switches. It's a different setup than the STS/SLS as there's not the 3 buttons just to the side of the DIC, but rather the 3 buttons at the top of the center console. What am I missing here?

- The driver's window will operate a few times just fine, then quit. Giving it a moment or two it will then move incrimentally. From a thread here it sounds like the window motor overheating? Having that checked out at the shop tomorrow.

Will get some pictures of the Seville and Eldo up soon. They be verra pretty things!

Any insights or smacks upside the head appreciated.

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The gas gage problem may be able to be fixed by adding a can of GM fuel system cleaner to an empty tank and then filling the tank with gasoline. Sulfur corrosion from the fuel may be to blame for the erratic fuel gage.

The codes should be diaplayed by simultaneously pressing and holding the OFF and PASSENGER WARMER buttons on the ckimate controm panel.

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Thanks KHE, that did the trick! Found a bunch of history that I haven't boiled down and only 2 currents related to the AC.

The instrument light question is officially a Silly Question . I RTFM'd... :blush:

Having the shop look at the driver's window and gas gauge today.

The Eldo is -quite- a power upgrade to the Seville and drives alot different. But, :sigh: , I guess I'll just have to get used to it... :yupi3ti:

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