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Hello everyone.

I have this cadillac seville 1999 and yesterday i put 18" wheels on it and everything was just fine. But then when i put the pedal to the metal then this message came error 113(maybe) and speed limit 145km/h?? Why?

Then i tried to reset it but it true the computer wasent there anymore? And we had +2-3celsius yesterday, and this message ice possible. Is this car that smart that it puts it´s own speedlimit if it is slippery? Strange but i havent tried today and i wont because we have the eastern bunny and giving free beer to me :).

Well if anyone know please help me.

Henrik From Finland

cadillac seville 1999 K/n, Corsa etc Really nice car

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Please see if any DTC codes are set; there are instructions here and then post them on the forum please.

The error 113 is an export error message. Cadillac provides this for non-English speaking countries. There should be an index with the car (in the glovebox?) that shows what this error number equates to.

I suspect that in the process of replacing the wheels a wheel speed sensor was disconnected, which will:

* A malfunction DTC is stored.

* The ABS/TCS/Stabilitrak® is disabled.

* The ABS indicator is turned ON.

* The TRACTION CONTROL indicator is turned ON.

* The DIC displays the SERVICE STABILITY SYS message.

and so will also limit the vehicle max speed to 85mph (145 km/hr).


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