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TCS1225 Fixed at no cost?, some other items


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Hello all,

I've been away from the site for a while due to moving into a new home and tuning up the garage, (914 sqft !).

The 99 DeVille:

Anyway, some of you may recall that my 99 Deville had a TCS-1225 issue that cropped up after a wheel spin was arrested at a slick start. TCS-1225 is about a Left-Front speed indicator error. What happens is the ABS operates briefly on that one wheel on a hard start (without any real wheel spin). I had a AC ambient air switch fixed today (to get the AC online - it had no codes), and the TCS-1225 issues was gone, (and I tested it a LOT). All I can figure is that the computer's baseline calibration got messed up way back when, such the the ABS jumped in too quick on only the LF-wheel - if the engine rpm rose over the tranny / ground speed calculation for a given gear. I believe the TCS-1225 problem cleared itself when the battery was disconnected for an hour or two. This computer hard-reset may have had something to do with some calibration/index or whatever is used to detect differential speeds. Let me know if this theory makes any sense.

The 94 DeVille:

My son still drives it every day in Reno and it has well over 210,000-miles. He said the CV-boots appear to be leaking, etc, so I might get those fixed. I suppose that's reasonable with those miles and the fact that about 80,00 were at high speed on gravel. This car is a tough one. There has been NO work on the engine or tranny - only a door lock. Not even the mouse holes have been cleaned. It still runs as clean and hard as ever and looks great. The drivers front seat and the plastic lower edge need some work, but the rest of the inside is great.

A 2009 CXL:

I looked at a new Buick CXL with the NorthStar (four portholes on each front fender). It has NAV, sunroof and all the options. The sales guy said it was front wheel drive and on the same GM platform as the Caddy. It was a deep dark Mocha or brown metallic. The best news - was that is was from a bankrupt GM dealer and I think I could get it for about $30,000 with only 9-miles on it. NOT a Caddy, but dang close, and allfully good-looking in its own right.

That's it for now.

Best Regards,

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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