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2009 NAV System Update Disk

Texas Jim

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Got the 2009 NAV disk update in the mail a few days ago

I like it so far.

The screen seems clearer / sharper than before. Probably my imagination. :D

The stupid nag screen is gone.

A digital clock is added to the upper right side of the screen.

You can turn off (and back on) the part on the right side of the screen that shows the next exits that are coming up.

That "FEATURE" always annoyed me.

It covered half of the screen and if you had a route set...you couldn't turn it off and see your full screen.

I hope it updated the Voice Recognition system

Mine does not like my Texas accent and basically don't work for me. :D:D

It will work fine when my son talks to it.

For y'all with NAV systems...seems like a nice upgrade.

I will have a better report in a few days after my next road trip.

Haven't made a road trip yet, but it has several enhancements that I think are good.

Will probably have to go from Texas to S. Carolina in a few days.

Sister in Law has been taken off life support after a massive stroke, and now it is only a matter of time.

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