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Cadillac is the premium bookend for GM, a luxury division that needs additional assets. The CTS franchise is a success, the SRX a worthy model, but the replacement for the STS/DTS is a mystery. As for the Escalade, it will probably soldier on as a car based crossover at some point. Lincoln wasn’t much of a threat for the past decade, but now Ford’s luxury division is fighting back, positioning itself to leapfrog Cadillac.


In my opinion, Lincoln is not the real threat -- Lexus, BMW and Mercedes are, and Cadillac is still behind in production numbers.


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I agree Bruce, the real threat is from the imports. We are not just competing in the domestic market anymore. The auto industry is a world market now and to be worried about what Lincoln is doing is like an ostrich putting his head in the sand and ignoring the real problem. I had a cousin that was looking for a new car, they looked at the pontiac G6 but for just a little more money ended up with a slightly used BMW. BMW had better financing and for the money a better car. I would have considered the CTS to be in the same class as the BMW they chose though. If Lincoln is going head on with the imports the I would say yes that GM is behind.

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