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new power steering pump now it is worse!


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greetings! well after having my indy mechanic install a power steering pump in my 2000 sts the steering is by far worse. u can feel a very noticeable chatter or shake in the steering wheel while at a stand still and rotating the wheel. it is also becomming extremely difficult at times to steer at slow speeds! any ideas? thanks in advance

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Assuming that the correct pump was installed, it sounds like either a slipping belt, or more likely air trapped in the steering fluid. Usually the air will work its way through the system, and exit via the pump reservoir. You may just have somehow gotten air trapped in the system.

Air will rapidly compress in a hydraulic system, when this happens you will lose the hydraulic pressure necessary to operate the power steering.

The chattering indicates this may be happening at idle, as the engine speeds up more may be getting compressed at a time, and causing hard steering while moving. Cadillac uses a pretty sophisticated steering control system, air in the system will likely upset it more than in older systems without special controls.

1. Check the fluid level with the dipstick, add more if required, do not overfill.

2. With the engine idling, look in the reservoir there should not be any real action, a little movement

If there are a lot of bubbles being produced try turning the steering wheel easily, from lock to lock a few (4 or 5) times.

(this can be done with the wheels on the ground. If you can use a floor jack to lift the weight of off the tires, that makes it a lot easier.)

3. If you see signs of excessive bubbling, and the fluid level decreases, than the air is working out of the system.

If bubbling stays the same, than you may have a loose connection that is allowing air to be pulled in, and mixed that way.


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what does your mechanic say? i figure you talked to him about it. does he have any ideas about what to do next? is he a parts changer or does he do problem diagnosis too?

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hello and thanks. it is going back to the mechanic tomorrow for a new pump. i will ask him to bleed the system for any air ( whick he told me he did not do). as far as the slipping belt? i guess i should have him install one as well. $70 at the local caddy dealer in town. i will report back tomorrow afternoon with i hope some good news.

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