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SFGate Review: CTS-V the four-door Corvette

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Mildly positive review of the 09 CTS-V from the San Francisco Gate sfgate.com

[review: Cadillac CTS-V -- the four-door Corvette]

A positive review of an American car in a California paper seems almost as rare as a positive review in a British magazine.

He didn't like the optional Recaro sport seats.

This puts the car squarely in the lofty territory occupied by the likes of BMW's M5 (about $85,000), Audi's S6 (about $75,000) and Mercedes-Benz's E63 AMG (about $87,000). The as-tested price on the CTS-V was $67,140. That is not a bad deal, given that the CTS-V is one thunderingly fast car (GM claims zero to 60 in 3.9 seconds, with a top end of 175 mph; 191 mph if you choose the six-speed stick).

But again, we have to go back to the Corvette analogy: When you crank up the Cadillac, the noise coming from those twin pipes is a slightly muted version of the deep-throated, unmistakably Big-Block Chevy V8 go-fast, darn-the-torpedoes, full-speed-ahead engine. It's just that five people fit in the CTS.


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