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Are there any know or common problems with the 2004 SLS


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I have a 1998 Deville that I love but have had quite a few problems with it for relatively low miles, 93,000. It has a blown head gasket and plan to sell or part it out. This is my second Cadillac the first being a 1993 Seville that was totaled when someone ran a red light. I am looking at a 2004 SLS with very low miles and would like to make an offer on it.

Are there any common problems with the 2004 SLS? (I know many 1998 Deville's have the cooling system problems.) The 2004 SLS seems to be in very good shape and has less than 25,000 miles on it.

Also, does anyone know it you can put a ski rack on the 2004 SLS? We had a ski rack for our 1993 Seville but not the 1998 Deville, although the 1998 Deville is big enough we just put all our skis in the trunk.

The 2004 SLS has the same size tires and I have brand new studded snow tires and street tires as well. If I can't sell my 1998 for a decent price (i.e. for more than the wheels and tires are worth) I may just keep the wheels if they fit the 2004 SLS and give the rest of the car to the junk yard. For now I just need to get a replacement car.

Thank you.

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I have an 03 SLS which I believe is the identical car with 81,000 miles on it. The only issue I have EVER had is a slight vibration that has never been able to get fixed. but it is very slight. I would certainly rate mine as an A vehicle and if that darn vibration was not there I would give it an A+. Actually I did do all four brakes and rotors last fall and a coolant flush and fill but I consider this normal maintenance. They really are a great car and I believe the head bolt problem has been resolved but I'm sure someone will comment if this is incorrect. I would certainly buy another! and am currently keeping my eyes open for a 20K grandma SLS to shed some miles! Good luck

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Regardless of miles, look for evidence (documentation) that the coolant has been changed at the 5 year mark. Also, have a radiator shop test the coolant for the absence of combustion gases prior to purchase.

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I'd say that the 2004 SLS is the best example of a Cadillac that has recently been produced. The only thing missing is the magnaride shocks of the 2004(3) STS, which were never available on any SLS.

Tall gearing for very good highway fuel economy, city mpg not so sure. Quieter than the Sigma chassis at highway speeds and possibly as quiet as a DTS.

The engine porosity and head bolt issues have been addressed by the time the 2003's were put into production.

Runs on regular gas. Good aerodynamics. Not a huge trunk, but the rear seat pass through might accomodate your skis.

The chassis and suspension are essentially the same as the 2006 through 2010 DTS, with some changes in engine mounts and computer control.

Being of the same body design as the 1998 Seville, I'd check for the leaking trunk seal, but that issue should also have been adressed by that time.

Once again, coolant changes are REQUIRED every 5 years, so I'd make sure that was done properly. No sealant tabs required by this time in production, but a little wouldn't hurt.

Be aware that we have been through some major floods since 2003. Make very sure this is not a flood car. Things like rusted seat mounting points inside the car are a good indicator of water exposure.

Any vibration issues can be solved with proper road force balance and/or buying tires that are actually round.

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