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How to help GM Sell Cadillacs?

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Patrick at digitalcorvettes.com asked an interesting question. How can we as Cadillac enthusiasts help GM sell more cars?

[thread here]

I added a footer ad for "Save GM" on the main index and on the homepage here at Caddyinfo.com.

Patrick's other ideas: (Read Cadillac where he writes Corvette of course):

* Add a "Why you should by a C6 Corvette over other sports cars" forum section with testimonials from owners. Both written and video based.

* Add a section with a consolidated list of great industry news/review articles about the C6 Corvette and it's value.

* Add a "How my life changed since owning a Corvette" section with stories.

* Add a "All the things you can do with a Corvette" section...

* Add a "Why everything is better in a Corvette section..."

* Add shopper resources for best place to go for loans.

* Add a section to debunk untrue Corvette myths (high insurance rates, they get stolen, bad gas mileage)

* Add free banner ads for GM and GMAC promoting new Corvette models and editions.

What do you think?

Also, if you are a Cadillac Dealer please contact me about advertising on Caddyinfo.com.


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