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Upgrades for my 04' cadillac cts 3.2L

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I have gone online and looked all over but can not find an ECu upgrade for my caddy and i would also like to find out what kind of upgrades i can do besides an intake and an exhaust. does anyone know what i can do? has anyone made any changes?

plus i want to change my transmission and drive train to a 6spd from the 5spd? any info would be helpful so please help me out.



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How fast do you want to go, and how much money do you have to spend?

I don't see anyone doing tuning for the 3.2L. That engine lasted from 2003-2005, when the 2.8L DOHC VVT engine became the base CTS engine.

Not a long span to develop much aftermarket love.

For the transmission do you have a manual or auto?

Do you mean change the 5speed manual Getrag 260 available in 2004 to a 6 speed manual AY6 Aisin transmission available in 2005?

What are your performance goals with the CTS?


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Hi Bruce, I am looking to change my transmission to the 6 speed manual so if the aisin works then great... i didnt know that they had the option for a 6spd outside of the cts-v...

but i also want to do a borla exhaust, drop a stage 2 clucth and flywheel, and find a supercharger that will fit so i can have more power without trading my car in for a ctsv....

so any info that can help would be greatly appreciated... thanks


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