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Intermediate shaft / Steering U Joint Coupler


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Just started to get a click clunk that sounds like it is inside the car under the dash when moving slowly and turning slightly to the left only. Just had the transmission rebuilt an from reading some of the posts here I have a good hunch that it is the intermediate shaft. My question is on the 96 ETC Touring Coupe, is it a true intermediate shaft that is a shaft within a sleeve or is it a steering U Joint Coupler that is a fixed length shaft with u joints at each end. Reason I ask is I'm not planning on holding on to the car too much longer and want to know if I can heavy grease it or does it need to be replaced because the u joints are worn.

The only place I have been able to find the part is at GM Parts Direct and the same part is called both names. Also, on the 96 are there any steering speed or position sensors or is the car too old for these?


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Thanks - Got under the car and under the dash yesterday and identified the steering sensor and SIR connection. It doesn't look like a difficult job. My thought is if I have to remove the part I might as well replace it so I have one on order. Will let you know how it goes.

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