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Race Logic PerformanceBox

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I am thinking of acquiring a Race Logic PerformanceBox to assist with testing.


This is similar in some ways to my Race Technology AP-22 unit, except that it uses 10hz GPS calculations to determine vehicle dynamics, and it acts as a data logger. The AP-22 uses G-force monitors only. When the glossy magazines do road tests, they use a Race Logic VBox. The PerformanceBox is the consumer version of the VBox, and gives the same results.


The Race Logic unit also will do an output/interlace with google earth, so you can show a plot of your route, and they are doing some interesting things with video overlays, so that you can take an in-car video, then process it to show speed and rpm graphics in the appropriate time of the video based on data captured from the PerformanceBox.

Cost is US$499 for their entry-level PerformanceBox, $799 for a driftbox which also measures drift angles (for drift racers say), or $1,800 for a vbox mini, which adds live output.

See Trackvision for similar work. The performancebox is one of the dataloggers that software will work with to overlay tech data on video.



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