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G8 LY7, LLT mods

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With the Pontiac G8 base engine the 3.6L DOHC VVT non-DI engine, and the upcoming G8 Sedan perhaps getting the LLT 3.6L DI engine, and the Camaro base engine the LLT, we may finally see a performance aftermarket develop for these engines. In the CTS there was too narrow a space between the LY7 or LLT and the CTS-V to make much sense marketing performance improvements. For the G8 or Camaro though there will be tons of people who need the base car due to cost or insurance cost, but still want to add mods to get every HP possible.

The CTS base engine is the 3.6L LY7, and the DI engine is the LLT.

The STS base engine is the 3.6L DI LLT.


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