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Flickering Lights


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If headlights are flickering ever so slightly and fast along with dash lights does this indicate there is an alternator/regulator problem? I'm asking this question for someone I know who happens to own a Cadillac.

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Some aftermarket parts houses are equiped to put a load on the alternator and measure various parameters that can indicate a failed/failing alternator components.

If one of you is comfortable using a Voltmeter, you could look at the AC Voltage on the system (at the battery for example) with the engine at idle and a fairly heavy electrical load switched ON; headlamps, HVAC fan, heated seats/windows.

If you measure much more than 0.5 to 0.75 Volts AC, you can be very suspicious of the alternator diode package (one or more diodes shorted).


Drive your car.

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