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2003 sls with 18,000 miles


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this guy is holdn this car for me untill i come look at it jus wondering if it is a good deal or not, 2003 sls has 17,800 miles, i'm ready to get a nice car and jus wanna make sure that caddyinfo.com approves if this is a good deal, thanks alot,

it's black with grey int. always garaged , say's there is not a dent ding scartch on the whole thing, thanks , I CAN GET IT FOR $11,000 good or no good?

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Private Party sale at 18k miles in my zip code kbb.com reads :

Condition Value

Excellent $8,315

Good $7,765

Fair $7,090

However, I would offer the 'trade-in' value then work from there after you have had a mechanic look at the vehicle:

Condition Value

Excellent $6,425

Good $6,000

Fair $5,250

It is a buyer's market out there right now. Not all sellers understand yet how far some used car values have fallen.

Bring the print from kbb.com with you to discuss.


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there is the link to it, i checked the nada used car guide and it say's $10,730 , i heard when banks give loans they dont use kelly blue book , anyways i'm going to check it out jus not trying get ripped i know the guy isn't going to come off much from 11 grand if any at all

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