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DTS Vibrates; Owner heats up

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[Atlanta Journal-Constitution article]

New 2008 DTS has vibration at 60 mph:

In May, Layson bought a new 2008 DTS. He says it just may be his last General Motors vehicle. The DTS vibrates during acceleration, going up hills, when it’s hitting 60 miles per hour or so.

Cadillac Dealer and Regional Dealer Support offer no help other than to note that not all of them do it:

“This is not a repetitive problem,” he said, noting that there had been no official recall of the Cadillac DTS for vibration issues. And even if a handful of owners have raised the issue online, he said, they pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who apparently enjoy the car.

As for Layson’s vehicle, Caldwell suggested that he schedule to have a regional GMC engineer have a look-see. Layson can call the dealership and make arrangements, he said, or he can call 800-333-4CAD.

Tires/wheels probably needs Road Force Balancing. Wonder why the dealer does not recognize this?


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Not enough information to make an intelligent suggestion on this one. Most of the Road Force issues that I've encountered occur at 68 to 72 mph, and are somewhat cyclical, or move around the car a bit, never able to pinpoint exactly where it is coming from.

I was going to call this one a bad tire, since tread seperation can occur between 55 and 60 mph, but then I re-read the post. It says "going UPHILL"! That's a completely different issue, which I would track to the engine misfiring. Codes?

One more thing, I was looking at my wheels the other day and noticed that the 2008 DTS uses stick on wheel weights. They will not accomodate ANY other kind of weight, especially on the outside of the rim. Somebody may be trying to get away with weights on the inside edge of the rim only, which would be WRONG.

As bad as the information is, the reporting is even worse! Definite bias against GM cars.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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It has been my experience with many FWD vehicles (including GM) that "vibration" can be induced by impact "torque" wrenches. Other than factory applications, impact wrenches are not my favorite tools for precision applications.

The first step any FWD owner "should" take to diagnose front-end vibration is to put all the wheels in the air and double check the lug nuts are torqured to the factory number (for FWD cadillacs, that is 100 lb ft) with a calibrated torque wrench.

I would not expect an AJC reporter to be aware of the nuances, but the dealer should have raised the issue.



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