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worlds fastest streest legal car

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An early 60's corvette. I used to live near this guy, I mean really, like drive through there to get home made ice cream at ... well its a secret, very rural long time family store that makes their own ice cream. Small town, just an intersection of 2 rural country roads with a few houses. Snydersburg, Maryland. You pass through a screen door, and there are some older folks there, one maybe behind the freezer where the ice cream is. What flavor, how many scoops, cone or cup? And there is a baseball field in the back, and the last time i was there, there was a game going on. It was currier and ives meets norman rockwell, honest! Some people out front, eating ice cream surprisingly, noticed that there was a car with Virginia plates (mine, a rental). I heard them say in astonishment that someone has come all the way from Virginia to get this ice cream. I spoke up and said, nope, i came from California to get this ice cream!

Anyway, don't miss the video. If you want ice cream, make your own!

Worlds fastest street legal car, maybe

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