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haynes manual dont show these codes

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these codes: pcm p1520 history

acm b1348 history

pzm b1971 history

pzm b2447 current

irc b1771 history

can anyone help car is running fine having problems with the fuel pump an the rear shocks no air, no juice to the air compressor. machanic say u can manualy put air in if u install some kind of part has anyone heard of that???

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Please keep all your threads together.

It makes it a lot easier for us to help you.

Here is a good place to find out the definitions of codes...


P1520...Transmission Range Switch Circuit

acm b1348...low ac refrigerant

pzm b1971...Inadvertent Power

pzm b2447...I did'nt find any info on this one. If I had to guess, it is something to do with the drivers seat.

B1771...Cassette tape slow...I am not sure about THAT one.

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There will be a LOT OF THINGS that the Haynes manual don't show you. :D:D:D

The Haynes manuals do work really well for lining your bird cages...if you have a bird.

If you are going to work on your own car...you need the factory shop manuals.

You can find them on e-bay or get them new from...HELMINC.COM


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