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fpr: delco or ?


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i have a 96 sts with the sst fuel rail. i ordered a new fpr from rockauto. they have ac-delco and aftermarket and plastic and sst fuel rails so there are a number of parts available. why does the aftermarket (tru-tech?) cost 50% more than ac-delco? i called customer service there and the guy said he did not know. order what i want. any votes for ac-delco or tru-tech? my fpr has the large u-clip that is shown on the tru-tech model. i hope the ac-delco i ordered is the same physically.

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You can't go wrong with the OEM part. It's a vacuum-modulated pressure release valve that maintains a constant pressure in the fuel rail relative to intake manifold vacuum by releasing excess pressure into the fuel return line. As such it is a mechanical part with a vacuum diaphragm that moves constantly and these will wear out eventually; it's a throw-away part. The OEM part lasts about 7 years or over 100,000 miles in my experience, which is excellent for a part like that. I don't know what more you would get with a part that costs 50% more.

If RockAuto lists an FPR for your make, model, year and trim, you can be sure that it will fit.

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ordered it thursday and got it sat. i did not go anywhere this weekend. its not cold starts but hot starts where it will not fire right off. i had the same issue on my kids grand prix. i put in a new fpr in sept and it took care of the problem. i should know in the next day or 2 if it is better.

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That is histerical, Standard USED to be their bottom level, now that have a level below STANDARD?, I used to use their premium BLUE STREAK line..

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