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I need the combined wisdom of the team for this one.

2001 STS . Recurring pattern: turn the key, no sound, nothing. Lights work O.K. After waiting anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more it starts and runs fine. No codes.

Caddy dealer says if it happens while they can observe it they can diagnose the problem. It happens again. I have the car towed to the dealer, they keep it all day - and of course it starts fine - every time. No codes , and supposedly the scan tool didn't provide any clues. The Delco battery is 3 years old but checked O.K. (according to the mechanic.) Dealer suggests the probable cause is a faulty ignition switch - $300. Not being in the mood for diagnosing the problem by the parts replacement method, I decline and drive away.

When the problem manifests itself again in a couple weeks, I had found my spare key, and voila, it started right up. I’m feeling good. But then the no start pattern appears again a couple of more times – each time starting fine after it sits for a few minutes. I’m thinking that maybe the security pill inside the key might be breaking down. I buy a new key, and for a couple weeks all is well. But the no start problem sporadically reoccurs.

I take the car to the Caddy dealer…. This time while they have it the no start condition does occur. Now I’m thinking, this will finally yield an answer. Dealer suggests again that it is the ignition switch, and I open my wallet and remove $300, consoling myself that that at least this will put an end to my misery. Wrong again.

I drive it home - and a few hours later - no start / no crank .

This one has really been a test. Any help or comments from the esteemed membership would be greatly appreciated.

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