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Tool for replacing waterpump Northstar


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Hello guys!

I wonder if u know where i can buy the special tool that u need for replacing the waterpump on Northstar? I tried at Rockauto but they didnt have it, checked at NAPA and Autozone on the internet but it didnt say that they had it too!

I dont think that any US autodealer here in Sweden have it, and if they do, its to expensive!

Its cheaper to order it from the states!

Im gonna replace the waterpump next time i change the coolant in april, so if u could help me that would be great!

Best regards,

Roger Martinsen



Roger Martinsen

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Lisle makes a cheap stamped steel version. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. A good machined one can be had from Snapon, SK, Kentmoore, but be prepared to spend about $80-$100.

Here's the cheapie.


Here is a machined one.


Here is mine.


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