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Hello again everyone.. didn't think I'd be saying that again so soon :o

Well while at Auto Zone purchasing some oil, I had them run the computer to pull up the codes because the engine light is on (seems like always). On top of the cranshaft position sensors (this time it is pulling up both :( ) codesP0385 & P0386 it is also showing Intake Mass Airflow something? Code P0101 of course it lists a few possibilties it could be... but is this something pretty major/serious usually?.. I can't seem to win with this car!- A 2003 Deville with only 65K on it.

Also another member stated that there is a way to pull up these trouble codes in my Driver Information Center... Does anyone know how to do that or which combinations of buttons to press? That would be such a helpful thing! Just doesn't state it anywhere in the owners manual.

An additional thing..while I'm here I suppose! Recently my back drivers window stopped working but at the same time that cigarette lighter on the door went too. I don't believe it's the motor because you can still hear it click when you try to roll it down. Tryed looking at fuses but man are there so many... had the 'power windows' circuit tested and thats good.. don't know which one else it would be... Any help??

Thank you!!

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