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Ultra Sonic Back up Alarm

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Just bought a 2001 Seville STS, with 85K miles on it. The Back up alarm is not working. I have not had the opportunity to check the fuses, are there more than one for the alarm? Does anybody have any real good insight to the thing.



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The parking assist system gets its power from the IGN 1 fuse (10A, position 12 in the rear fuse block under the back seat). Doubtful that it's blow however as you wouldn't have an instrument cluster or turn signals either.

Other than the sensors themselves, the input for the system comes from the backup lights which are powered by the NSBU fuse (10A, position 20 in rear fuse block) and through the reverse relay (position 45 in the rear fuse block). Main thing powered by such is the backup lights themselves, but I'm fairly certain that the inside mirror will never dim and that right outside mirror certainly won't move down when the car is in reverse (if you have the option enabled through the DIC).

The parking assist system has stand-alone diagnostics and does not set DTCs.

Once you're certain that the fuses and relay are OK, start by putting the ignition into "on" (car not running), put foot on brake and shift to reverse. All three lights in the telltale above the rear window show come on for two seconds and then go off. If none light, the problem is likely the control module, its power, its ground or its feed from the backup lights. The control module is in the trunk on the right (passenger) side behind the trunk trim. If the red indicator flashes, the module has detected an error and you have to enter a diagnostic mode whereby the lights will indicate the error. Report back what you find and do check to see if the module (and it's 6-pin dedicated wiring harness) are connected. There may have been a problem and instead of repairing the previous owner just had it disconnected.

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