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Name the antenna wires?? Who can help with this? See pic.

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Hey guys. I am replacing my long busted OEM antenna with an aftermarket electric Hirschmann with the black mast.

The Hirschmann seems simple enough. Red (hot) white (radio on) and black (ground) and the antenna lead to the head unit.

But I'm having trouble understanding the Caddy wiring. Can anyone school me on this?

In my pic of this 94 STS,

1.) what is that BOX behind the antenna?

2.) Which wire is the HOT, the GROUND, and the RADIO wires?

Am I just clipping the GREEN, GRAY, and WHITE wires from the relay that go to the OEM antenna, removing old antenna, and wiring in the Hirschmann to the remaining wires? Green is Hot? White is radio? Gray is ground? Am I close on this? What is that BOX? Who can help?

See my pic and click on it to make it big


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