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This designation is the highest level of recogition. The following members by their wealth of knowledge, reputation or accomplishments deserve honorary Hall of Fame recognition. While many of our Hall of Famers come close to honorary, these members do extraordinary things

The Guru (bbobynski), what can I say, other than he was 'the source', Much of his legacy is carried by the old timers here. He had a way of silencing doubters with facts and information. One of the more amazing things he told us was that the Northstar was validated by running it at full throttle for 300 hours, that is 12.5 days at full throttle. That's sick and the reason why we should not worry about our weekly PM WOT's!

Logan, works for the General, has hands on experience with many models, lots of knowledge and he has done some amazing jobs including tranny sensors, steering columns, the conversion to a console shifter and tons of electronic diagnosis and repair. Logan is responsible for the threaded bolt method of dropping the engine carriage in a controlled fashion that is now favored by DIYers, Worldwide!

Mark 99STS, Mark only rebuilt his Northstar, replaced the differential, used a piggyback computer to 'fool' the OEM PCM, and turbocharged his NS and netted some crazy HP gains at the wheels. Mark consulted with the Guru and gained major insight into the air/fuel tables, gotta love that. Mark if I recall was amazed at the PCMs ability to protect the engine at all cost with its redundancy. Unfortunately Mark found out that the 4T80-E can only tolerate so much horsepower before the clutches just spin from being over powered.... He took the NS platform to the limit smiling all the way.

This list is by no means complete. I can think of three members that dont come around much that I would like to put in here but can't remember their names, it will come to me. Ian is one of them.

If anyone can think of members that deserve this level of recognition, PM me.

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