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MrEldo97 is relatively new to Caddyinfo, but I think we will all agree that his head gasket repair with timesert is a herculean task deserving of Hall of Fame status. Congratulations, MrEldo97!

Here are his impressions and tips

Type of repair or procedure: Timesert '97 Northstar

What were your symptoms? Engine temp spiked while doin' 90+ on the Howard Frankland over Tampa Bay

Dropped Carriage? How? Four jackstands, then lifted the car body with an engine hoist

Did a head gasket/timesert with the engine in car? Yes

Did you Lift the body? How? Lifted off the cradle with an engine hoist

Case-half seals also? No

Have a lift? No

Anyone help? Son and neighbor - very occasionally

Estimated cost? $1200 - $1500 included everything required for 100K service

Special tools? Timesert tool kit and Kent Moore flywheel lock

What is your mechanical experience? Advanced DIYer

Can a DIYer do this? Yes!

What was the hardest part of this job? Motivation

How many miles since you did the job? 20,000

Did you replace anything else "as long as you were there?" Everything required for 100K service

What do you regret doing or not doing? NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

How is your Cadillac running now? BETTER THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!! WELL WORTH IT!!!!!!!!

MrEldo97 added:

I Timeserted my '97 Eldorado at 91,449 miles. My saga is well known. I had a lot of help from my friend Johnny Walker.

My favorite cuss words: "Be carefull, don't f**k that plug up", "f**kin' piece of s**t", "you can do it, you can do it".

I did it, bought the special tools, not difficult just a lot of work. I'll never do another one unless my son has the same problem with his '03 Seveille STS

BBF response:

That sounds optimistic to me! "I'll never do another one unless my son has the same problem with his '03 Seveille STS" :lol: Ill never do another one UNLESS!!!!! Sounds to me like you WOULD do another! :lol: Congrats!

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Thank you, I sincerely appreciate the salutations and accolades.

I am not looking forward to ever doing another Timesert repair, however, I am available to help out anyone who must.

And if you live in the Tampa Bay area I might even help.

My name is Roger and I live in Lutz after bailing out of that communist utopia of Maasachusetts a few years back.

Happy New Year!

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