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So I got mine at an auction, had to put work into it (heater core, actuator, thermostat, brakes, suspension, and knuckles). The dash read i was getting 14 MPG before I took it in. Now it reads 10-11MPG. Whats it supposed to get and what can I do?

Im new to the forum. My name is Hotbrod (thats my rollerderby name on my local league) I love my Deville, but not at 10mpg. Im worried.

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Reset the mpg when you are on a highway trip, and see what type of mileage you get at highway speeds. Next, reset the mpg on a city trip and see what type of mileage you get while moving in city traffic. My city mpg is much worse when a lot of my time is sitting still in traffic or waiting in line at a drive-through, idling to pick up kids, etc. It is important to separate those times from actual 'city' driving similar to the EPA city cycle through.


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If you don't have an owners manual, download one in PDF format here, it will explain the Drivers Information Center and other controls for you in detail. Welcome aboard.

Your gas mileage is a direct result of the type of driving you do, local or highway and how heavy your foot is. I usually get between 14 and 16 locally and 23 to 24 on the highway.

Check for DTC codes that might have been set by the computer, if you have a bad O2 sensor your mileage will suffer. Run your tires at 35F / 34R and keep them there for less rolling resistance.

See this site for the PDF manual


Pre-1995 - DTC codes OBD1  >>

1996 and newer - DTC codes OBD2 >> https://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/gm/obd_codes.htm

How to check for codes Caddyinfo How To Technical Archive >> http://www.caddyinfo.com/wordpress/cadillac-how-to-faq/

Cadillac History & Specifications Year by Year  http://www.motorera.com/cadillac/index.htm

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