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Coolant Overheated

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Sorry to brother you again but I posted another question about my car coolant. The car ran hot overheated, which at the time I did not have my coolant senor in, so the car was smoking from the engine. This past week I had a Coolant Passage gasket to replace and the top radiator hole had and a pin hole in it so I replace all four gaskets and the top radiator hoes. After going that I poured the coolant all new drain all old coolant out so i poured it in the top raditor hoes and once it came out the block I sticked the holes back on, and I also filled the surge tank and but some Bar stop leak in the top hoes. Now the car over heats and the top hole feels like it has nothing in it but air. When I go to squezze it, it has a lot of pressure in it . I think the thermostat it stuck but when I take the holes off while the engine is still hot, and air comes out and coolant also. I need some help .... Thanks

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