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I have noticed lately a vibration when I drive. I seem to notice it once I am going over 50 mph. I do NOT feel the vibration in the steering wheel (which leaves me thinking it is something with the rear of the car). The vibration will get stronger, then almost go away, then get stronger, go away....etc. It has become more noticable in the past week.

I did check the tire level in all the tires, and they are properly inflated. A few weeks ago, I did have my rear passenger tire repaired as it had a leak. I am in North Dakota, where it has gotten rather cold.

I talked to someone that works in a car repair place and he though it needed a balance and rotate. Does this sound right? Or someone else mentioned maybe a bearing or something going out. I know I will have to get this repaired, I just want to have some idea of what it could be, so that someone doesn't try to pull the wool over my eyes.


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