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No Blinkers...No Flashers


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Greetings...I am a new member and I certainly hope I can gain some insight into a problem, part my creation/part darn alarm! My car alarm went off, this summer. I could not get it to shut-off..horn..lights and falshers all going off. I pulled a couple of fuses...nothing. I pulled the relays (under the steering wheel) and it sdtopped. I replaced the relays in the exact same order and places and it went off again. This time I took out the relays and let the car sit for 2 months. I also took the cables off the battery thinking it may reset..it didn't. After the 2 months, I replaced the relays and nothing happen, however I did not have bright lights...horn or blinkers. I put in new relays for the lights and horn...they work...but still no blinkers or flashers.

I am thinking there is something going on with the alarm system that it won't reset and let the flashers and blinkers work normally. I am not up for a $balzillion dealer charge especially if there is something easy to fix.

Any ideas or suggestions??

Thank you, in advance for your suggestions.

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